Feelin’ the Love and the LesficREADER Winner!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being the featured author on a Facebook group called LesficREADER, founded by Jaynes Pehney. There are lots of FB groups, but LesficREADER distinguishes itself by remaining true to its core mission, and that is to provide a place for readers to truly interact with authors. The group has a pretty simple concept:  A read of the month is selected, much like a traditional book club, and then there is a discussion day or weekend, featuring the author. She’s branched out a bit and had author days, (like the one I just did) and hosts poetry days (her passion), where anyone can post original poems or a personal favorite. Other than the designated days, the group is open to all for any respectful discussion or promotions. Jaynes runs a tight ship, and when it’s discussion time, you don’t pimp your own shit or otherwise distract from that author. I’m sure she takes some crap for insisting that the rules are followed, but hey—her group, her rules, and really, that focus is good for everyone, I think. From my perspective, it was nice to spend the day chatting with people who wanted to discuss my work and get to know me, without the interruption of others blasting the feed with “buy my book!” non-interactive posts.

All about the book
All about the book

As an author, the experience doesn’t get any better than this. You get to relax, chat with readers, talk about your work, and if you’re brave enough, share a little insight into the real you. That’s the part I enjoyed the most. I’m a one on one kind of gal. We talked books, our picks for the Women’s Final Four, and I even revealed who the real LM is for those who didn’t already know. The day ended and I signed off, feeling very satisfied. There were dozens of discussion threads and hundreds of comments logged, which kept me quite busy, and I’m grateful to my helpers, Andi Marquette and Baxter Clare Trautman. I hope the members of the group who joined us for all or part of the day enjoyed the discussions. I had a great time. If you haven’t joined the group yet, I highly recommend the experience.

I promised a give away, and that’s the next order of business. The winner of the LM LesficREADER drawing is none other than Marie-Claude Goofy Henrichon! Congratulations! You win your choice of a book or a soon to be released Rebound T-shirt, with the awesome REBOUND AND RELOAD tagline. Woohoo!

That’s all for me today, gang. Thanks again for the fun weekend. I definitely felt the love.

And thanks for reading~LM


4 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Love and the LesficREADER Winner!

  1. Yay yay yay !!!!! Thank you Lynette for a wonderful day yesterday and for the contest !!!!!
    Thank you also to Andi and BC . They were great and a great big thank you to Jaynes for letting me in this great group of women

    • I was so happy when Ellie Mae picked your name from the pile. That’s how we do contests–I put names on pieces of paper and then we let Sandy’s bloodhound, Ellie, pick. You deserved it as the first online and you hung with us all day! Thanks!

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