Music & Literature: Write, Read, & Roll, by Lynette Mae and Cole Armocida

Does music inspire writing? Cole Armocida joins us at Women and Words to talk about creativity in her music. Check it out.

Women and Words

Music & Literature: Write, Read, & Roll

Hey gang, it’s Lynette Mae. The release of Rebound prompted a few discussions about the links between music, lyrics and the longer written word. So, I thought it would be cool to have rocker Cole Armocida tell us about how she’s inspired to create her incredible music. For me, this project opened up creative spaces in my soul and the power has been nothing short of amazing. Now here’s Cole to start us off with her musical inspirations, and I’ll chime in later with some additional thoughts.

Here’s Cole:

Cole2013PromoPic copyGet lit and make music.

No, that’s not what I mean. Not all musicians create under the influence. Lit, as in literature. Yes, I’ve been inspired by some books to write lyrics. Inspiration can come from a storyline of a novel, a character, or even just one sentence. Movies, television shows, news programs, and…

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