Lynette Mae and Wild Girls, Wild Nights

“Risking it All” is a story that I first began writing about the experiences of a lesbian couple who are both police officers. It’s a unique situation to be the cop taking risks, and at the same time, the wife or girlfriend of the cop, fearing for your lover’s safety. During the course of our careers, my wife and I have had a few instances where we were thrown into some dangerous situations simultaneously. Initially, I had intended to write an action story, focusing on the police drama. But, very quickly, I realized that wasn’t the real story.

This is a tale about two women thrust into a harrowing, life-and-death experience, complicated by the very real danger to the one they love. Duty prevails. The women are professionals who do not hesitate to act. But it’s the aftermath that truly pushes their emotional boundaries. The extremes are amplified—terror and euphoria—action and reaction. Sometimes no words can convey the depth of intensity that translates to pure physical need. Our heroines are living on the edge and risking it all. They live and love with intensity and passion.

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And hey, if you love stories about lesbians in uniform, living and loving in the midst of danger and suspense, you’ll love the writing of Lynette Mae. LM’s first novel, “Faithful Service, Silent Hearts”, was a 2012 Golden Crown Literary Society Finalist for best dramatic fiction and debut author. Her current release is “Tactical Pursuit”, a 2013 Lambda Literary Award and Golden Crown Literary Award finalist. Both novels are now available from Sapphire Books.

21 thoughts on “Lynette Mae and Wild Girls, Wild Nights

  1. Hey Lynette – Agian it was great to meet you and Sandy at the Lammy’s. I will be honest I have not ventured into Faithful Service, Silent Heart or Tactical Pursuit as of yet but in July I am to have surgery and will be laid up for several weeks. i believe this will be a good time to dive into all three of your works…best wish and much success with all your writings.

    • Hi Linda. It was wonderful to meet you as well. Best of luck with your surgery and I hope my stories will provide a pleasant distraction during your healing process.

  2. Well now, I think I’ll try again for something free from you!! You, being one of my favorite authors, make it all worthwhile for this reader. Going to miss you at the Con this year…..or…..did you and Sandy change your minds??? (I hope, I hope, I hope!!)

  3. Just finished reading your story and I enjoyed it very much. Very hot. But the feeling I brought away the most was gratitude. My gratitude for the work you do and the sacrifices all police officers make on a daily basis. Thanks so much and be safe. Oh and keep writing.

  4. Sorry about the link; just a simple typo. Bad editor! I was about to dash out the door to go pick up my 93-year-old dad an hour away, and bring him back for my nephew’s graduation party. In any case, for the list of links for all the other authors’ posts on their stories in the book, check out (One little letter “i” made all the difference!)

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