Author Lynette Mae is Back with the Faithful Service Drive

So, the fabulous Andi Marquette invited me to hang out over at Women and Words to let you all know the latest happening in LM’s world. Thanks, for letting me hang out with the cool kids, Andi!

Women and Words

Hey, kids! Author Lynette Mae is back with the re-release of Faithful Service, Faithful Hearts!

Some of you may remember that I interviewed Lynette Mae right here on Women and Words in July, 2012. In case you wanted to check that out, there’s the linkie. For those not in the know, Lynette Mae is an Army veteran who is currently a law enforcement officer. She’s based in Florida with her wife and dogs, where she does sometimes find time to relax with a good book or, if we’re really lucky, to stop by Women and Words!

Anyway, here she is again, letting us know what she’s been up to as well as to let us know about a very important organization that sales from her book will directly benefit. I’ll turn it over to her, now.

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