Money changes everything…

Let that Cyndi Lauper musical anthem play in your head for this offering.


So, here we go again. The rabid religious right (or the RRR as I like to call them) is all flapped up and riled that corporations are donating to causes supporting diversity and gay marriage initiatives. Social conservatives are outraged—indignant I tell you—that corporations would sink money into this social issue. The conservative crowd is upset by the announcement that Amazon CEO Jeffery Bezos donated $2.5 million to help pass a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington State. And in June, General Mills came out publicly against a same sex marriage ban in Minnesota. The nerve!

Wasn’t it just last week that Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, reaffirmed his moral position against gay marriage by stating that our country is “inviting the wrath of God” for our tolerance? That’s the same Dan Cathy who has donated nearly $2million dollars to organizations opposing gay marriage in 2010 alone (Source: equality What happened then? Why, the conservatives were gleefully praising the chicken giant, and calling for a dine-in for support. Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee were the standard bearers for the cause to defend the moral high ground, exhorting their followers to rush to buy chicken sandwiches and extra large waffle fries!

Help me to understand. I know Republicans believe in less government, and the less government, the better. Keep government away from my guns, my healthcare, my religion (only straight, intolerant Christian denominations here), fire all the lazy SOB’s with government jobs… the list goes on. That’s always their position. Government is bad. Right? Corporations should have unlimited ability to make political contributions without regulations. Regulation is another way for government to interfere. Right? Oh, wait, unless… GASP… a corporation gets behind causes benefiting women or lesbians and gays…

<That’s the sound of the needle skipping across the record>

Praise the corporations who funnel billions into certain causes, but supporting marriage equality for LGBT citizens? Nuh-uh. And when we respond by rightly saying we’ll spend our lesbian money somewhere else? Well, we’re just being…umm…reverse bigots! Yeah, that’s it! But if you’re cause is on the right, boycott or buycott as often as you can. So, I think our LGBT dollars should speak just as loudly for companies that support equality. And thankfully more corporations are realizing that a stance for equality is the way to go. We buy stuff, too! Wow, it feels good to know that my next lesbian ebook purchase will matter even more. Thanks, Amazon.

I read a newspaper article the other day that quoted a woman in MN lamenting that she is running out of places to shop because of all of those sinful businesses supporting gay and lesbian causes. She says they’re destroying thousands of years of tradition (read suppression) and the final indignity is that she’s had to take Cheerios off of her shopping list, presumably because of the General Mills stance on equality. I think that’s perfectly fine that she spends her dollars in accordance with her beliefs. She’s entitled to her buying decisions.

Tell ya what? With the money we save avoiding Chick-Fil-A, my wife and I will buy an extra box of Cheerios next week.

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15 thoughts on “Money changes everything…

  1. Great blog. It does amaze me that it’s ok for the opposition to boycott companies that support equality but when we boycott companies that oppose equality we’re termed radicals.

    • That’s the main point I was trying to make, Mary Anne. In our free enterprise economy, we are all free to support the businesses that offer us what we want as consumers, or support causes we believe in, as we see fit. The RRR has done this for years, and extols the virtues of that freedom. I just find it hypocritical that they cry foul when companies support our causes. Thanks for taking the time to chime in.

  2. I could point out how Occupy Walls Street hurt many mom and pop business through out the country, trashed government buildings, raped a young woman, and trashed downtowns parks in such ways that hazmat had to be performed. Insulted hard working men and women cops and city officials. As a liberal, I expect more from my liberal peers. I also agree that it’s my money and it spends just like the RRR’s does, so I let the power of my dollars speak for me.

    To often lately, I have been let down by those who profess to speak for me – the feminist, dyke, liberal. I’ve been called a bigot by those who are in my lesbian family, I’ve been ignored at major events by those, (insert lesbian family again here) that had made my decisions not to beg to be part of their family personal. So, I’m disappointed with both sides and have decided to carry my own banner.

    If I rely on others to do what I feel is the right thing for MY causes, I’ll be dead. So my advice, stand up for yourself and make you own way. The path you cut will bring you greater joy that letting those on the left and on the right cut your path.



  3. Ahh, now see? That’s what I like, healthy debate. Thanks, Isabella.

    I’ll just say that the Occupy movement is another topic altogether from what my point is here. Trust me, I’m one of those cops derided by both sides, but that’s always come with the territory. My main point was economics, and I’m glad to see companies stepping up to support our rights by donating to causes such as marriage equality. I have always taken care to spend my dollars in ways that I believe mirror my values. I’m a complex mixture of beliefs, and have no problem walking my own line. I applaud you, or any citizen who does the same.

    All the best, my friend.

  4. You hit it right on the head. (no pun intended). The RRR wants it both way and I am not having it.

  5. Out standing Blog..The LGBT community has lots of money and if we stopped going to these places that spit in our face..We can do damage to those companies..Our fight must be organized to punch them in the face..Just like in my personal life..I am not going anyplace I am not wanted.Hit the money grubing republicians,right wing,hiding behind the Bible companies..We may just get their attention.

    • Hiya Mary M,
      Once again, we agree. Now if we could only get folks to actually pay attention to where their money and votes are going day to day, we could all really make a difference.

  6. In the Bible we are told not too judge, that is GOD’s job. Love is the greatest gift he gave to us and that we can give to others. That includes loving someone enough to commit to them in a marriage, so who are we to judge the race, color or gender of the person that others love or marry.

  7. Good discussion. I respectfully disagree with Isabella’s ” Do your own thing” stance. I believe our strength is in uniting and creating a vital, indestructible community.
    Us and Them is what’s tearing us apart as a nation. IMHO.
    (hugs, kid)

    • Hugs back, Jeanne! I don’t want to speak for Isabella or anyone, but I think we need to stop the “all or nothing” approach of our politics. Most Americans, I think, are a mixture of beliefs on a variety of issues. I am. But what I can’t abide is voting for folks that I know would just as soon have me strung up on a fence like Matthew Shepard. Sounds harsh, but that’s what I believe they think. That fringe group’s power increases exponentially while we all deny how extreme they really are. We must hold our leaders accountable for *each* of their positions on important individual issues within the overall label of “conservative” or ‘liberal”.
      My humble opinion.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. My nephew (down south) fixed one of those political statement boxes on his facebook account: “Government controls Food, Gevernment controls Money, Government controls Education, Government controls Media. An increasingly large number of Americans are Fat, Poor and Stupid. Doesn’t that seem odd to you?” I am having to restrain myself from pointing out that the majority of those folks vote Republican. Including those poor white citizens who wave the flag while spouting religious hatred, and collect government financial assistance that will no longer be available with Republican administration. I’m from North Carolina where I have watched some of my old “friends” Like Chik Fil Hate. Apparantly they either have forgotten about me or don’t care. I’m not sure which is worse. They don’t seem to get the double standard of “Get the Government out of my life, while I limit someone else’s rights” Preaching to the choir here, but I couldn’t help feeling hurt by my old friends. Marriage Equality is breaking through here in WA state, and there are many clergy who support it. We were the first gay family in my Temple, and have been fully embraced by the congregation. Our Rabbi participated in the Walk to Olympia when the bill was signed. I have never been very political because I have not felt like I knew enough about the issues, but I am finding myself becoming more and more political out of necessity. It matters that I have a voice, and that I use it.

    • Hey Susan, I can empathize with you on so many levels. It is disheartening to hear people close to us spout off support for organizations or political candidates who would do you and I harm. Worse for me is seeing so many folks voting against their own self interest because they are blinded by the one-liner messages. The current conservative crowd says, “Freedom of religion” what they really mean is “I want my religion to control public policy.” Using political language and religion to marginalize different groups allows folks to justify their bigotry, which is quite dangerous. I mean, if my preacher says, “God Hates Fags”, then why should members of their congregation try to love everyone? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and yes, use your voice!

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